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  Shooting On Location
Location shooting in the film, television, and photography industries refers to a shoot that occurs out in the world rather than in a studio or on a soundstage. This might include shooting outdoors such as in a park or on the street, or it might refer to shooting indoors at a mall, restaurant, or even inside a residence.
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Planning a Successful Outdoor Photo Shoot

Outdoor photo shoots are very popular for editorial work, engagement shoots, portraiture, and more. Unless you are strictly a studio photographer, it’s a good idea to know how to successfully plan and execute an outdoor shoot. Chances are very good that you’ll have to photograph outdoors at some point in time.
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Finding Photoshoot Locations

For the up and coming freelance photographer, a consistent quandary comes up: where can I have my photo shoot? For the photographer that doesn’t have his or her own professional studio, shooting on location can easily be considered a lifeline.
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Hair and Makeup Trailers

The term “trailer” is often thrown around when people are talking about the production process. An actor’s trailer becomes his or her home base for the duration of shooting. This is often a mobile space that is dedicated to each star of a film or television shoot, where he or she can go to rest between scenes, rehearse, or get some relaxation and privacy. However, did you know that there are also often hair and makeup trailers on a production?
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Commercial Photo Shoot Essentials

As any producer of a successful - or unsuccessful - photo shoot knows, preparedness is the key to a successful photo shoot. Although the producer’s job is to manage logistics, link pertinent pieces of information, and make sure all parties are where they need to be when they need to be there, when it comes down to it, an excellent producer is an excellent communicator. Sure, setting everything up takes talent. But a truly talented producer will get everything set up and then make sure every single person involved knows what they need to know.
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Making a Commercial

With digital media being as accessible as it is, it’s within your reach to make a stellar commercial for your company. Here, we’ll talk about the steps you should take to make an impressive commercial to advertise your company.
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Headaches for Spectators Post-Super Bowl

The game itself was a blowout. 43-8 is a less than tantalizing score, particularly if you were a Broncos fan. But even if you weren’t a die-hard fan and you were just there for the glory of a good game, you probably left sorely disappointed.
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Bus Wrap Advertising

Wrap advertising is a form of advertising that involves images, messages, or other information being displayed on the side of a moving vehicle. The result is a mobile advertisement that travels across distances, exposing great numbers of people to the advertisement. Wrap advertisements have been described aptly as mobile billboards. They are often placed on busses, trucks, trains and at times, cars. Click here to read more...

What is a “Green Room”?

If you’ve ever watched a late night talk show, you’ve noticed that guests often refer to the “green room”, where the host has often greeted the talent before the actual taping of the show began. Have you ever wondered what this mysterious green room is, and whether it’s really green? Click here to read more...

Major Changes Put in Place at Super Bowl XLVIII

The Super Bowl, held in Seacacus, NJ on February 2, 2014, saw major changes from years past. Transportation and security proved to be two big areas where patrons were asked to adhere to new rules. Most notably, one of America - and football’s - most tried and true traditions was banned from this year’s game. No tailgating was allowed at MetLife Stadium before or after the Super Bowl. Click here to read more...

Preparing Clients for Photo Shoots

As almost every photographer has learned the hard way, many subjects — particularly when they’re normal, every day people and not professional models — do not know every little detail about how to prepare for a photo shoot. For the photographer who arrives bright eyed and ready to shoot a magical set of photographs for a family or group, a lack of makeup, wrinkled clothes, or clashing outfits can be a big bummer. Click here to read more...

Production Tips: Producing a Fashion Show

A fashion show is a great way for a designer to get the word out about his or her newest line of designs. They can also be excellent ways for local store owners to get a taste of what designs are available for purchase in the area. For this reason, local fashion shows are a popular event to throw. Click here to read more...

Tips for Photographers Planning a Commercial Shoot

Planning a commercial shoot an be a daunting task. Below you’ll find a step by step walkthrough of what you should expect to focus on as you plan your commercial photo shoot. Click here to read more...

The Life of a Tour Bus Driver

With years in the business of driving buses for tours, and having been driver to some of the biggest stars in the United States, I can tell you that being a luxury bus driver has its ups and downs. Sure, you’re amidst the glitz and glam of some of the biggest music acts in the nation. On the other hand, you’re driving what is essentially their home, and you’re expected to do so with an extremely high level of professionalism. It’s more than catering to needs — it’s keeping everyone safe, it’s making sure they’re happy, and it’s keeping their home in working and neat order. But even though the job comes with its chores, you can be sure of one thing: it can be pretty cool. Click here to read more...

Cultural Traditions: Tailgate Party

Among the traditions that Americans partake in each year, tailgate parties may be the favorite among most. Tailgate parties is a tradition that is filled with the things that Americans love the most: eating, drinking, and attending a huge entertainment event. The name comes from the use of the tailgate at the back of a pickup truck to transport food and drinks to the event, however many people participate in tailgate parties without actually using a truck with a tailgate. Click here to read more...

Tips for a Successful Photo Shoot

As any professional photographer knows, when the ingredients are just right, a photo shoot can be a magical experience - both for the photographer and for the subject. As any professional photographer also knows, though, there are so many factors that contribute to whether or not a photo shoot goes well that sometimes it can feel impossible to get it right. As with many things, holding a successful photo shoot is largely dependent upon one thing: preparedness. If you prepare, think, and plan ahead, you’ll have a much better chance of hitting the magical photo shoot nail on the head. Click here to read more...

Skills Necessary for Celebrity Bus Drivers

Many people don’t realize that when celebrities such as movie stars, rock and roll bands, and talk show hosts are on the road or at work, they’re usually living in a bus. Though the term “trailer” is often used on film sets, the truth is that many celebrities call a luxury bus home for the duration of a job, be it a film shoot, a music tour, a book tour, or otherwise. Although on a film shoot the busses are often stationary during the day, there are many instances in which these wheels are put into motion.
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What Is a Party Bus?

The party bus has a few different names. Whether you call it a limo bus, a limousine bus, a party van, a luxury bus, or a Party Ride, it’s one luxurious vehicle. A party bus is a large automobile - typically a bus or coach - that has been designed so as to transport at least ten passengers for recreational purposes. Party busses are used in celebration atmospheres, such as weddings, birthdays, graduations, homecoming dances, and family reunions. Click here to read more...

10 Advantages to Using Mobile Dressing Rooms

On Time Elite provides luxury production buses and make-up trailers to accommodate media needs ranging from fashion shoots to location video events. We specializing in supplying dressing room RVs that contain everything necessary to streamline your task and give you the best results possible. Click here to read more...

A Mobile Office Will Streamline Your Location Events

Successful completion of location events not only depend on your staff, clients and the flow of creative ideas that are necessary to make a production task memorable and fun but also relies on the devices you have at your disposable to help you remain flexible, motivated and right on top of everything associated with the event. Click here to read more...

Makeup Trailers

Hair and makeup is one of the biggest aspects of a film production, because it sets the look of the actors whom the film focuses on. Hair and makeup is typically the first place within a production that talent goes in the morning, and nothing can happen until he or she is ready for the camera. Click here to read more...

Production Trailers

A film shoot rolling into town is sure to turn some heads, and it will always bring with it some common sights for locals to see. Production assistants will mill about on headsets, often asking pedestrians to pause so that a shot may finish before crossing the street. Click here to read more...

Production Motorhomes for Traveling Long Distances

Some production buses are designed to accommodate one or two day production shoots while others are more suitable for long distance travel. Called “sleeper buses”, these luxurious RVs will make traveling hundreds of miles between locations much more comfortable for celebrities or other talented professionals involved with the shooting. In addition, sleeper RVs make excellent substitutes for those times when taking an airplane is not feasible.
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What are Production RVs?

A recreation vehicle that has been converted into a production bus, or bus equipped with items necessary to
complete a film shoot, commercial shoot, cross country band tour, book-signing tour or fashion shoot is referred to as a production RV. Specifically designed to accommodate people who work for various media-related industries and who need to create some kind of dynamic commercial advertisement, production RVs can either “make or break” a location shoot.
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Advertisements on Buses

When it comes to advertising, a viable option for many markets is advertising on the side of a bus, also known as bus graphics. Bus graphics can be an extremely effective way to reach a particular market and to increase brand awareness.
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How are the Prices of Production Buses Determined?

Busses and trailers for television, film, and fashion shoots have a wide range of available options that go with the, and therefore, there is a wide range of price points for chartering them. Click here to read more...

Treat Your Clients to a Luxurious Production Motorhome Rental

Respected for the delivery of superior production buses for all types of on-location events, On Time Elite is an established fixture in the business of luxury bus rentals in the NYC area. Located in Hoboken, New Jersey, On Time Elite offers production rentals 24 hour a day, seven days a week, along with safe and courteous drivers who will provide assistance when necessary during your special event. Click here to read more...

Telecommuting from Recreational Vehicles – A Trending Alternative to the Office

With the increasing availability of wireless internet access, many people who resist sitting behind the same desk day after day are choosing to combine a never-ending vacation full of beautiful scenery and unexpected adventures by living and working in a recreational vehicle. Click here to read more...

Production Trailers: An Essential Element

As producers everywhere can attest, in film, television, and video production, the production trailer plays an integral role both in personnel and in equipment management. Production trailers are used as a place to house individuals during production and are also used to transport personnel and heavy film equipment. Click here to read more...

Trailers as Mobile Offices

From time to time, the need arises for a mobile office. Mobile offices are popular on construction sites, when a main office is being renovated, or on a film location where office work remains necessary without a place to plug in and get work done. Mobile offices are also often set up in disaster areas such as post-storm areas or the sites of tornadoes or earthquakes.
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Safety in Hair and Makeup Trailers During Winter Months

As New York City's best known and most dependable production bus/make-up trailer rental company, On Time Elite offers a variety of production recreational vehicles to assist in filming commercials, television shows, music videos and celebrity photo shoots. Click here to read more...

VIP Motorhomes for Your On-Location Event

Ensuring that all your client's needs are satisfied while filming a location shoot practically guarantees the success of your efforts. At On Time Elite, we equip all of our VIP motorhome/production buses with everything necessary to facilitate all facets of reproducing an on-location event. Click here to read more...

Safety in Hair and Makeup Trailers During Winter Months

All fall descends upon us, many northeast production teams are struggling with how to transition from a summer production into a winter production. Although the weather is changing, the need for location shoots with hair and makeup trailers is not. Therefore, it’s really important that production crews remember to focus on the health and safety of those using trailers.
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Sleeper Talent Bus Rentals

A sleeper bus is a bus that is rented for talent when there is a need to travel a long distance between locations. Many sleeper bus rentals for celebrities or talent are for music tours or film shoots that are filming across large distances. These distances, although large, are often close enough that flying would either be prohibitive to the production or band schedule or is not possible. Click here to read more...

What are Luxury Production Buses?

Production buses are vehicles equipped with everything that is needed to facilitate the completion of a photo shoot, commercial/film shoot or cross-country tour. People who rent these kinds of all-purpose buses include those who work for fashion magazines, film studios, brand-name companies needing commercial advertisements for their products and celebrities who are promoting a film, product or recently published book. Click here to read more...

Luxury Buses of the Rich and Famous
Have you ever wondered what sort of luxury buses do mega-mega stars like Justin Bieber or even our president Barack Obama expect when on location to film a movie, commercial or photo spread? You might be surprised at what a production bus is capable of providing! Click here to read more...

Advantages to Renting Mobile Makeup Studios
Mobile studios specifically designed for applying makeup contain everything that facilitates the art of creating a unique and flawless face. Unfortunately, many makeup "trailers" need to be rented as a separate entity and attached to the back of a production bus. However, On Time Elite's luxury production buses incorporate make up areas within their buses so that customers do not have to rent an addition trailer. This allows makeup application to be performed quickly, efficiently and within close proximity to the production shoot. Click here to read more...
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