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Q: How many people can fit in the RV while it’s moving?
A: The law only allows up to 7 people in the vehicle while it is in motion. This applies to any vehicle no matter the size.
No passenger may be standing on the vehicle. Once the vehicle is stationed and parked, this number can vary based on space in the vehicle.
Q: Do the RVs come with any amenities?
A: All RVs are equipped with a Steamer, Iron, and Ironing Board. As well each vehicle has racks installed for wardrobe,
generally in the back area with curtain divider. This can easily serve as a make shift dressing room for talent or clients.
Q: How much does it cost to rent an OnTime Elite bus?
A: Prices vary according to how many hours a client needs a bus, if the client is taking the bus outside New York City, how many miles are involved in driving the bus to the location, etc. We prefer to discuss pricing personally with out clients, as every job is customized to meet or exceed a client's requirements.
Q: How long can I rent an OnTime Elite bus?
A: Rental times are totally up to the client. However, length of bus rentals need to be confirmed with management to avoid problems with other clients seeking specific rental times. On Time Elite guarantees that once you have booked one of our production buses for a certain time period, you are guaranteed use of that bus for as long as requested.
Q: What exactly are On Time Elite buses designed to do?
A: Our luxury buses are fully equipped to accommodate on-location photo shoots, productions, creation of music videos, marketing campaigns, prints ads and many more events. We also provide rental buses for private parties, concerts, tailgating parties and talent green rooms.
Q: Does your company rent out buses for personal use?
A: Because all our vehicles come with a Union-certified or On Time Elite CDL driver, we do not allow our buses to be rented for personal use. Drivers have expert knowledge regarding our fleet of luxury buses and remain responsible for them while on site. If you would like to rent one of our buses for a prom, party or birthday celebration , contact our Booking Manager to receive details.
Q: Are Union rates less then normal rates per day?
A: Because Teamster drivers work on a time card and are paid directly by the client, union rates are slightly less than normal rates. Non-union drivers who are paid by OnTime Elite charge a little more than union driver fees.
Q: Something came up and I have to cancel my gig. Can I do that?
A: If you have already confirmed a bus rental via contract or email, you must give at least 48 hours notice prior to canceling. However, if we cannot rent the bus for which you had contracted or our company had to turn down jobs due to the bus being rented out to you, a cancellation fee "to be determined" will be charged.
Q: If we need additional help while on location, can we ask the driver to assist us?
A: The role of the driver includes full responsibility for the bus, helping clients with equipment, catering, wardrobe and unloading/loading various items. Clients may ask a driver to assist with other tasks as long the job does not interfere with the driver maintaining optimal functioning of the bus. This request, however, is at the driver's discretion.
Q: Are we allowed to park wherever we wish, as long as we have a permit for the bus?
A: Just because a bus has a permit issued by City Hall does not allow the client to park it illegally. Drivers must find an area designated as a legal parking space. In regards to a legal parking area being unsafe, a bus may be parked in such a space as long as the client realizes that any traffic summons resulting from this action is his sole responsibility, with all fines billed directly to the client.
Q: Can we leave our equipment and belongings on the bus for our next day's shoot?
A: We provide a gated, secure and private lot for our buses on which to remain overnight. Although our clients have never experienced any losses while working with our company, we must tell our clients that they leave equipment overnight at their own risk.
Q: Can I change my job information and call times by emailing OnTime Elite?
A: Of course! We are a 24 hour, seven days a week operation focused on customer satisfaction. Feel free to call us at
201.297.4247 whenever necessary or email us at When contacting us regarding changes to times or jobs, please get confirmation from the person handling the change. We are not responsible for non-confirmed changes.
Q: Do I just tell the driver about unexpected job changes?
A: Although it is important to stay in touch with the driver concerning any changes in plans, we do ask that you keep us informed as well just so we can continue providing you with exceptional service necessary to keeping things running as smoothly as possible for you.
Q: Do I need a credit card to book a vehicle?
A: We now require all clients provide a verified credit card as backup payment. We also accept checks, cash, money orders, and wire transfers.
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